Friday 2011-11-25

Stop the presses and Start the Revolution! Forget about cops beating up, macing, and throwing crowd-control grenades at kids, we've got real news!

Each year, the DHS prevents thousands of hot young women from visiting the US.
Check out the following chart which shows the ratio of visa-free tourists to visa-required tourists by age and gender. The jump in the female ratio relative to the guy ratio around the "nubile" years implies that DHS is systematically rejecting young females from countries which do not have visa-free travel to the US (read 'the poor countries', i.e. any country other than Europe, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan).

The data comes from Table 29 of the DHS' Yearbook of Immigration Statistics 2010.

While I've been in Singapore, several Indonesians and Filipinas have commented on how difficult it is to visit the US (not study in the US, not get a job in the US, they're remarking how hard it is to just visit). The US consulate just keeps rejecting their visa applications repeatedly without providing any justification. They "get the message", travel to some other country, and the US loses out.

[permalink] Also most of central Europe, sorry, if you were born in NIS, you're definitely not coming to visit but to STEAL JOBS.

[permalink] That was Rich, btw.

[permalink] People seem to innately view an economy as a pile of money to be divided by the people in the country. More people in the country = less money for me. They don't see the production side, i.e. how do we make that money? where we have a pile of work that's divided by the number of people in the country. More people in the country mean we all get more done. In Singapore, this shows up as middle-class families having maids, which means less high-wage earners taking time off to run necessary errands, so they can either work, or relax and recharge. -- Patrick