Apparently colleges now have a Computational Linguistics Olympiad. While logic puzzles like the one they include on their site can be fun, you can solve them by hand pretty quickly. But can you hack together a quick script that solves the first part of the question (matching translation to original text?)

The following are some sentences in Quechua, with their translations in random order. Indicate which translation goes with each Quechua sentence by placing the letter of the correct translation in the space provided:

1. Antukaq chakranpiqa t'ikashanmi papa.     ____
2. Siskuq chakranpiqa winyashanmi sara.      ____
3. Siskuq chakranpiqa rurushansi kiwnya.     ____
4. Antukaq chakranpiqa t'ikashancha kiwnya.  ____
5. Siskuq chakranpiqa winyashansi sara.      ____
6. Antukaq chakranpiqa winyashancha papa.    ____
Translations in RANDOM order
A. Potatoes may be growing in Antuka's field.
B. Barley may be flowering in Antuka's field.
C. Corn is growing in Sisku's field.
D. I've heard corn is growing in Sisku's field.
E. I've heard barley is yielding fruit in Sisku's field.
F. Potatoes are flowering in Antuka's field.