I'm currently trying to fix how I type. Basically, my fingers stray all over the keyboard while typing and I think that contributes to my high error rate. Just taking my hands, putting them on a table and exploring how far they can reach has been a bit shocking; my left hand ring finger has virtually no flexibility and no strength.

On windows, I'm using rapidtyping to practice. However, the worst lies in just trying to type (like now), as I'm consciously trying to keep all resting fingers on the home row, while one finger reaches for the proper key.

I figure this makes sense, as I don't think we'll have any higher bandwidth computer input systems for probably a decade or two, maybe more. That makes for a lot of backspaces screwing up the fluidity of thought in my life.

Any reason for choosing that over gtypist? -- David W
gtypist doesn't work well with a white background terminal, and I kinda like the idea of annoying fish instead of blinding black text. ;) -- patrick.