Monday 2014-12-29

While in KL, we caught the opening there of Lembu and Matderikolaperlih.

Both plays are largely reactionary, viewing historical transitions as loss, despoilment, and greater depravity.

Matderikolaperlih has many allusions to MY's past. Here's a partial list:

  1. Mat Deri is a gangster turned politician from Kedah; you can probably guess who this is.
  2. He takes 13 steps before assassinating the man who turns out to be his father; is this a reference to the 13 states of MY?
  3. He bests 4 thugs by dodging their attacks; is this the 4 states Swettenham took from Thailand for northern MY? Or?
  4. He burns the fisherman's house down; is this the 1969 race riots?