For years, I had the 1st result on google for patrick haller, however I seem to have lost out to my eponymous German nemesis via his linkedin profile. Having googlerank does have its benefits: I can just tell people to google patrick haller and click I'm feeling lucky, so I'd like to regain it.

I figure this can go one of two ways:

  1. I can create a linkedin profile, and linkbomb it by bruteforcing people's passwords to become the most linkedin person ever.
  2. Like Jet Li in The One, I could just kill the other patrick haller.

Kinda funny how well the ideas behind The One map to Identity Resolution; just s/multiverse/Google/ and it all just makes so much more sense.

You're showing up as number 1 for me. The funny thing is people could end up confusing you and the other one and thus wonder, "When did he move to Germany?" -- Cal