Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

"Stephen Covey, in his book The 8th Habit, describes a poll of 23,000 employees drawn from a number of companies and industries. He reports the poll's findings:
- Only 37 percent said they have a clear understanding of what their organization is trying to achieve and why.
- Only one in five was enthusiastic about their team's and their organization's goals.
- Only one in five said they had a clear `line of sight' between their tasks and their team's and organization's goals.
- Only 15 percent felt that their organization fully enables them to execute key goals.
- Only 20 percent fully trusted the organization they work for. (p144)

... If, say, a soccer team had these same scores, only 4 of the 11 players on the field would know which goal is theirs. Only 2 of the 11 would care. Only 2 of the 11 would know what position they play and know exactly what they are supposed to do. And all but 2 players would, in some way, be competing against their own team members rather than the opponent."

This book also talks about local newspapers... A bit of competition for the "hearts and minds" of the great newspaper buying public in County Wicklow is a good thing. I found the Wicklow News to be a good read and had a more modern "look and feel". One thing I noticed with the Wicklow News is that it is definitely following the example of the Dunn Daily Record in the USA. The founder of that newspaper, Hoover Adams, issued a notice to his staff in 1978, expressing his frustration at the lack of focus on local issues in the paper. He said: "All of us know that the main reason anybody reads a local newspaper is for local names and pictures. That's the one thing we can do better than anybody else. And that's the thing our readers can't get anywhere else.". The Dunn Daily Record has the highest readership penetration of any newspaper in the USA. It's actually 112% ! When asked why the newspaper was so successful, Adams said : "It's because of three things: Names, names and names".

Narratives that provide Simple Unexpected Concrete Credentialed Emotional Stories (SUCCES) trump other stories that lack any of these attributes.