Countries that have easy immigration policies and/or cheap local labor make it easy for the relatively well-to-do to have maids. One of the differences between the US and SG happens in fast-food environs, where one does not bus one's own tray in SG. Unfortunately, not cleaning up after one's self may have unexpected consequences.

Hackerspace SG recently discussed the space becoming a pig sty and what to do about it. In the discussion, we can see people coming up with several different solutions. We see this behavior when a group of people encounter a problem for the first time because a well-known answer does not exist, which seems to indicate that SG has a thriving maid culture.

More importantly, to generalize to all problem-solving, people can end up re-inventing wheels ( perhaps badly ) when they encounter new problems. My current solution to this = ask my local workgroup; failing that, google it; failing that, think about how to solve it and discuss with my workgroup.

We strive to keep DRY, we should extend that to Don't Repeat Anything. ;)

If SG really had a thriving maid culture, wouldn't hiring a maid be the well-known answer? --Rehana

It has no money to pay for the maid, so it's excluded....