Malcolm igon value Gladwell (what's an igon value? search to find out ;)

Gladwell is the Anti-Niall Ferguson; whereas Ferguson excludes some issues to make an over-arching point, Gladwell elevates an issue by occluding the bigger picture.

Case in point, the Spaghetti Sauce talk. He says that the Pepsi taste test was uninterpretable at first, then later says it shows there should be two Pepsis. Which indicates a bi-modal distribution. So, even if the Spaghetti guy couldn't read a scatterplot, chances are somebody at Pepsi could. So why didn't they make two Pepsis?

1) Manufacturing Coordination
2) Retailer Coordination

I'd wager that the adoption of UPC and computers made this all workable.

And that's the bigger story.

Steven Pinker noticed as well: "In the spirit of Gladwell, who likes to give portentous names to his aperçus, I will call this the Igon Value Problem: when a writer’s education on a topic consists in interviewing an expert, he is apt to offer generalizations that are banal, obtuse or flat wrong." There was a several blog/article back-and-forth, this being the first of the exchange.