Monday 2018-01-01

Amy Sherman-Palladino's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has the same witty dialogue as GilmoreGirls, which makes it a pleasure to binge-watch.

However it also has the same core problem as GilmoreGirls: in chasing her dreams, the lead casts aside her friendships and family. It's like that Rachael Leigh Cook PSA from the 90's, only in ASP-world the frying pan is Feminism -- This is your brain on Heroine.

The biggest difference between the two is that in GG all the characters are adorable (or not-so-adorable) fuckups: if they have dreams, they don't attain them, or if they succeed, they leave the show. Whereas in MMM, the first season depicts the lead on her way to becoming a successful comic.

Because of this, GG can be viewed as a Feminist Purgatory; the show only depicts people in the struggle of redefining themselves and their gender relations as they try to escape the Feminist Hell from which they came.

Given the lead's success, is MMM then Feminist Heaven? If so, then ASP comes across as a closet Conservative -- painting her strong female leads as destroyers of heritage, friendships, and families.