Friday 2014-11-14

I just stripped the semantically redundant parts out of this blog (As I write this, I hear Statler and Waldorf guffaw "Well, that didn't work. He's still posting!").

  1. Article border
    White space and the next article's combination of header name and permalink already separate articles.
  2. Background image
    While it detracted from the primary content, it did serve to balance the images I drop into posts. Which implies that I just need to decide on a format for blog pictures and automate that with an imagemagick script.
  3. Reduced width and color weight of horizontal rules
    Useful for delineating comments, they just don't need much prominence, as comments have enough whitespace and semantic difference already. However, at times a reassuring divide can quickly resolve ambiguity (especially when you use lynx). Less used => less emphasis.
  4. Color weight rationalization
    We have titles, unvisited links, visited links, article, and comments: titles and unvisited links indicate the new and should have color prominence; the article should follow next; while comments and visited links also need visibility.

I find it useful to periodically go through something and rip out everything that doesn't look necessary and see whether it still works or not. More Statler and Waldorf? ;)


Nice, very minimalistic. I'm a fan of minimalism. You probably can't tell from my own blog, but it's true. - Cal