Money Masters of Our Time by John Train

Train wrote several other books in the same vein as this one, however, this version encapsulates all the previous works. Several decades ago, Train set out to understand more about investing by interviewing the investors people acclaimed. Train questions the methods revealed by his targeted investors (T. Rowe Price, Warren Buffett, John Templeton, Richard Rainwater, Paul Cabot, Philip Fisher, Benjamin Graham, Mark Lightbown, John Neff, Julian Robertson, Jim Rogers, George Soros, Philip Carret, Michael Steinhardt, Ralph Wanger, Robert Wilson, and Peter Lynch), although somewhat less acerbicly than in his previous works.

Since it describes many different methodologies, this book serves as a great introduction to investing after TheIntelligentInvestor by Ben Graham. I started off with Buffett's methodology (technically methodologies, but you have to read a bit to get that), and am now working through understanding Rogers & Soros' methodology.

Unfortunately, at the end of this book, Train falls into an ElementsOfStyle pitfall, where he offers up his insights without much reasoning behind them. Happily, Train included several excellent appendices which should be seen as the true conclusion for his text.