Sunday 2015-01-25

Mosaic written by Joel Tan, directed by Chen Ying Xuan

A bunch of years ago, the city upgraded or removed the sand-pit playgrounds called "mosaic playgrounds". To memorialize the passing of an age, a group of kids hang-out at one the night before it's scheduled to be demolished.

The kids bring food, smokes, and beer to the playground, and freely share them amongst themselves. However, they don't share the same expectations of the future, or memories of the past. This disconnect drive the drama, and opens a discussion of the costs of communal ownership.

This apparent critique of hippy ideals is furthered by the play's observation that people often have easier relationships with things than with other people. We attach emotions to things, and for the most part this works fine for us. Well, unless someone takes it away.

After the play, there was a Q & A session moderated by another playwright, who started the discussion off with a reference to the used-but-not-owned dominant narratives in the region (Dr. M's and LKY's). No one dared to take the talk in that direction.