I saw my first mosquito today. It flew into my room and landed on my desk. Looking at it, two thoughts registered: 1) it had been a really long time since I'd seen a mosquito (since last summer in Seattle), and 2) it was my civic duty to kill it. I remembered that mosquitoes and flies jump up in fright, so I clapped over it by an inch or two with slightly unsure hands. It didn't even move.

I figured it was just tired from flying up the 21 stories to my apartment. So I did the humane thing and killed an exhausted mosquito.

After that, I noticed more the "Mozzie Wipeout" [1] PSAs. Singapore has done a thorough job of liquidating some parasites from the island. I wonder how many remain. Regardless, it's difficult to even begin to compare SG and the countries surrounding it. It seems that a significant market for clean might exist right next door.

[1] At first I was very impressed with the elimination campaign, Singapore had clearly been quite successful as I'd never even heard of mozzies.

Gotta wonder if there are some ecological/food chain implications that might not be considered previous to wiping out anything. --Andy

Maybe think of it as creating an opportunity for something less dangerous to move in? -- Patrick