Saw a local production of Much Ado About Nothing tonight with people I met from the UnConference2009 in Biopolis. Everyone brought stuff to share and we picnic'd prior and during the show, there was so much. While Borachio's microphone pickup suffered from a dire echo problem (with air humid, outdoor acoustics probably burn through vocal cords, so they use electronic amplification), the show carried on in good humor.

I had forgotten how much Shakespeare rocks. It seems easy to know intellectually how good they are, and just as easy to devalue the overall impact. Not seen one in over five years? Get a blanket, some tasty goodies and head out to a local Shakespeare in the park production.

Of course, this could be just the first sign of old-fogey-ness.

doth not the appetite alter?
-- Benedick

If it is the first sign of old-fogey-ness, then Ben and Jen Paxton are right there with you. Jen caught some Shakespeare in the Park a couple weekends ago and came away with similar good feelings. I'll also say this...though I don't remember much about the plot, of the 9 or so Shakespeare plays I read in high school, I know Much Ado was my favorite. It was nice to get away from the tragedy. -Andy J