I'm working now at a managed service provider in Seattle; officially I make networks work, while unofficially I just make things work in general. Since the platform we use has a bunch of RedBack and FortiNet gear, time has been scarce as I've been learning how they work. Adding further to the newness, I now have a windows workstation at work.

Thanks to the good work by the Cygwin and Autohotkey teams, I have my normal working environment running on windows (Firefox, Vim, Rxvt, Screen, Subversion, Python, with Capslock remapped to Escape). For finishing off the windows annoyances, Autohotkey has worked phenomenally for mapping from a string of mouse operations to a single keyboard operation, or making non-notifying programs make use of the systray notifications on state change.

Hey nice man. Hope you like it! Hope you are taking care out there!
Summer's the dry season, so I get sunny 70° days with low humidity. Winter will be overcast, but rarely below 40°, basically Seattle has lots of clouds but little rain; for people used to clouds = rain climates, we get faked out by it.
Ah, another Linux refugee in Windows land. Yeah, Autohotkey rocks. It's like Swiss Army knife for Windows. Oh, and one thing your post reminded me of that I've been meaning to ask you, what does your screenrc look like? -- David W