Is it possible to live with zero privacy?

My credit card was hijacked for a $90 purchase on Wednesday the 22nd of September, 2004. Citicard called me and said they had flagged the purchase as fraud-like. I confirmed that I hadn't authorized the transaction, and they promptly closed that account.

Do the other companies where I have assets in care take such anti-fraud precautions? If not, will they ever have a restitution process like Citicard's?

  1. Banks
  2. Investment accounts
  3. Any company that extends credit to customers

Of course, if you derive benefit from information asymmetry, you'll need to keep some things private. The good thing is that this isn't your:

  1. Name
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Account numbers
  4. Birthdate
  5. Mother's maiden name

Or is it?