China curbs Tibet information flow
China has succeeded in stemming the flow of information out of Tibet in recent days, according to Tibetan activists in India who had relied on e-mails and mobile phone calls to piece together the extent of a Chinese military crackdown on pro-Tibet demonstrations.
-- FT

Beijing Smog Raises Health Fears
Athletes and spectators attending next year's Olympic Games in Beijing face major health risks, a leading air pollution expert has told BBC Sport.

Say you were an athlete readying to compete in the summer Olympics and you read the above news snippets in between training sessions. Knowing that waiting another 4 years can make a huge performance difference, would you compete in this year's Olympics or would you choose to boycott them? I know I'd have a difficult time with that choice.

Even worse, I'd bet money that China is leaning on the sponsors with [factories in / large trade relations with] China (like Nike) to lean on coaches and athletes.

And all you wanted to do was just run.