Just added ical support to planhack, so I can easily share plans with people from planhack. Your ical url = http://planhack.com/calendar/LOGIN_ID

To mark any day task as Public, start the line with a P and a time in 24-hour notation, e.g.

P 1900 at hackerspace.sg

We have Twitter for ephemera and while Blogs allow more thought, we don't seem to have a blog-like culture for our plans. In as much as we discuss our ideas via blogs, we lack the same culture of sharing for what we're going to do.

Upcoming and facepalm's events coalesce around the formal (and commercial), while many of our public plans just indicate our intention to be someplace and that we wouldn't mind meeting up with other people. At the heart of it, calendaring and planning should be social.

However, we're still using the 30 Boxes calendar format to display this social space. As soon as you add 5 or more ical feeds, this UI gets unusably busy around the non-work hours. Which means I should probably add an ical aggregator to planhack, so you guys can see what I'm thinking about. ;)

P.S. I added a 1000-second refresh to planhack, so if you leave it open at work, go home, add some stuff, when you get back to work it'll automatically update with the changes from home.