I just added a signup form to planhack.com which would make it a public beta, however since only my friends know about this blog, that makes it a private beta. ;)

Basically planhack = split window day planner (calendar days on left, goals on right) with Vim keybindings and modal editing. When you log in, you're in calendar mode and can
scroll days with "j" or "k" (or inverted T arrow keys), or weeks with "J" or "K",
to edit a day, use "i" or "e"
Just like Vim, escape will exit calendar edit and you can tab from the calendar to goals.

Here's a screenshot of it with some non-latin dummy text:

Have you heard of <input type="password"?> - Cal

Sorry, that was snarkier than intended.

input type=password is dumb. confirming the password is twice as dumb. I'll change it to type=password and put a toggle so you can verify visually what you send the site.

Yeah, it sucks, but, the alternative of allowing shoulder surfers to potentially see your password is just slightly suckier. -- Nathan

Use pwgen -1 16 ;) no worries, i'll see what i can hack together now...

ok, i haz hacked in support for showing passwords

Sweet, thanks. This might work the way my brain does. Easy to jot down quick notes, and then let them disappear into history. - Cal