Positive Discipline -- A Teacher's A-Z Guide by Jane Nelsen, Linda Escobar, Kate Ortolano, Rosalyn Duffy, and Deborah Owen-Sohocki

A big cookbook. They don't reduce the 50+ responses to commonalities to make it easier to remember. Despite the cheery positive mental outlook, these people use positively medieval pedagogies (You can't memorize it all? YOU FAIL!!!)

Their recipes all use some variation of the following:

  1. identify the problem
  2. confront the problem
  3. identify the source -- identify what they want by asking them
  4. document it all
  5. take a timeout to get everyone back to even keel
  6. escalate when likelihood exists that people will get hurt
  7. facilitate a discussion
  8. play role reversal
  9. listen to their views
  10. give the adhd kid a squeeze toy