The next day, our flight profile was duplicated on the SR-71 flight simulator at Beale AFB, Calif. The outcome was identical. Steps were immediately taken to prevent a recurrence of our accident.
-- Bill Weaver

Anyone else feel that testing before actual flight makes more sense? wtf....

The researchers were able to extend the life of the information in RAM by cooling it using readily available “canned air” keyboard dusting products. When turned upside down, these canisters spray very cold liquid. Discharging the cold liquid onto a memory chip, the researchers were able to lower the temperature of the memory to -50 degrees Celsius. This slowed the decay rates enough that an attacker who cut power for 10 minutes would still be able to recover 99.9 percent of the information in the RAM correctly.
-- Eureka Alert

Grameen Bank has made its first loans in New York in an attempt to bring its microfinance techniques to the millions of Americans who have no bank account.
-- FT
Stuff like this always makes me wonder why people travel to other countries to help people. Who can't walk less than 10 miles and find people in need? Oh, right. That doesn't look as good on your life resume.

In most civilized countries, individuals actively campaigning to destroy important financial institutions would be behind bars where they belong.
-- Alea
Which presidential candidate does this quote most accurately reflect?

The US deficit of 10 trillion dollars would require a tax of $10 for every page on the internet to pay off*
-- Better Explained
*When we add in our Social Security, Medicaid obligations. that tax rises to $60 a page.

When psychologists say "most people" they usually mean "most of the two dozen sophomores who filled out a questionnaire for beer money".
-- Steven Pinker