Wednesday 2011-11-23

The PDF and google talk shows Emily Patterson, Dan Zelik, and David Woods' notions regarding depth of information analysis, breaking it down into the following dimensions.

  1. Hypothesis Exploration
  2. Information Search
  3. Information Validation
  4. Stance Analysis
  5. Sensitivity Analysis
  6. Specialist Collaboration
  7. Information Synthesis
  8. Explanation Critiquing

They're trying to figure out when you should stop analyzing, and close the case. The first exit condition = you run out of money/time/ideas. And the second = you estimate that an extra dollar/hour would not be worth the investment.

How do you know something's worth the investment? They don't measurably know this yet. It seems like they use Sensitivity Analysis and punt on measuring things we haven't yet identified. Also, they suggest periodic reviews, however fraught that will be with hindsight.