Monday 2016-12-26

Grinzing through news, there was a headline on how Rogue One was an engineering film. So I skipped reading the review, and went directly to watching the film.

Big mistake. It turns out that the review was about engineering ethics, and not engineering. And the film was definitely not a reboot of the Lucas-verse with a working physics engine -- you know, for engineering to actually work.

Anyways... People saw it, and said stuff like:

In a civilization with hover technology a massive, super-slow, quadrupedal ground-based weapons platform makes no sense. Don't AT-AT me.
-- this fan

Seriously? That's the salient military criticism?

  1. What whistleblower leaves without a copy of of the plans?
  2. Why would you use humans in battle? Less than 10% can even aim!
  3. Why would you mass produce warbots without hunt-n-kill algorithms?
  4. Going from desk-model death star to exa-project is the best idea ever!
  5. Because building 10 death starlets is clearly a loser strategy.