Saturday House in Seattle gets together Saturdays for a day of hacking and things hackers enjoy doing. People can ad-hoc organize activities to venture off into new ideas (supposedly like Sudbury School and Coworking). I'll go this Saturday and see how it works out, they say they Settlers of Catan, so it can't be that bad. ;)

That's pretty cool. The only thing that caused me to pause was that it said it was like barcamp...and barcamp claimed it was an "intense event". I don't know if I would be up for intense anything. -- Nathan Powell
We sat around yakking while some of us wrote code or sketched out algorithms. We capped it all off with Krispy Kreme and Carcassonne. Not intense at all, just good fun hacking on stuff (and realizing my perl has gone to poo). I spent a bit of today just being shocked that you can't do something like: pop sort keys %hash;
Sort returns a list, which we "cast" to an array by @array = sort @foo; I found that you can do $max = (sort @foo)[-1]; -- Patrick.
Don't stare directly at it: pop @{[sort keys %hash]} -- Stephen
Good call Stephen -- it's odd that lists don't autocast into arrays; time to read more.... -- Patrick.