Thursday 2015-01-08

Stories from the Serat Centhini by Soewito Santoso

Based on the original 12-volume series from the early 1800s, these stories seem abrupt and rich with significance missed.

Ki Amongrogo and his wife accepted all the conditions proposed by the king. When they had changed themselves into a male and female maggot respectively, the king brought them home to the palace. Early the next morning, he summoned his brother-in-law Pangeran Pekik and his wife, Ratu Pandan, to the palace. After explaining Seh Amongrogo's intention to succeed him as king, he took out the wonder maggots and fried them on a very hot pan. They heard the cries of pain that were so terrible that the Queen and Ratu Pandan quickly left the scene.

Time advanced with giant steps. Sultan Agung had a son and Pangeran Pekik ahd a daughter. The children married each other. When the king died, his son ascended the throne and was called Sunan Mangkurat. Because he had spiritual eyes and could see beyond what his officials were doing, there were many among them whom he found guilty of crime. He punished these people severely. However, the common people did not understand their king's behaviour, which they saw as being unnecessarily heavy-handed. Therefore, they urged Pangeran Adipati, Sunan Mangkurat's eldest son, to rebel. Sunan Mangkurat was forced to leave the palace and died in exile in a place where the soil was fragrant.