People like to complain that Singapore bores them to tears. From back-packing westerners to locals, they claim the tame, and when I ask them what they did to make it interesting, they just look at me ( Error! Error Will Robinson! ).

Recently, I've taken to ridiculing them: Life's not like TV! You can't just sit there and flick the social channel remote .. 'oh so boring' .. clickety click click.

That goes over as well as me asking the ostensibly well-meaning people at HumanismSingapore to try giving up something for a week. Some people point to the SG educational system (beat them until they become adults). This morning I heard that a normal eight-year-old kid was being graded on her music performance, and she was freaking out, I asked what she was supposed to play... apparently, they have people dress up prim and proper, put the kid in front of the judges in black and ask the kid to play an A, then B....

If that's indicative of school fun-levels, then I can see how that might contribute to a place where people are afraid to fail and haven't had any time to develop a hobby (since school was a non-stop cortisol flood from 3rd grade on). So maybe we do have a problem.

Just don't talk to me about it unless you want to do something, cause I'm liable to laugh and have you hold the tail of a circus elephant with diarrhea.