Just arrived in Changi Airport and MRT'd over to my hotel, where I am listening to Operation Ivy and getting ready to foray for my prepaid mobile. Hopefully, I mis-interpreted the rules and I'll be able to get a post-paid plan with data.

Flying over on Singapore Air worked well enough. Except for the guy going to Djakarta seated in back of me who refused to cover his mouth even when shamed by the people seated around him. Thankfully, the staff handed out facemasks, so we had a whole section of the plane that looked like Scrubs on Vacation.

Time to see about that phone....

It would be awesome to run into the real crew of Scrubs on vacation. Do they have the iPhone in Singapore? Somehow I can't imagine you getting one even if they did. -- Cal

What? You only travel to places that support iphones? ;) I think they do, so feel free to drop by when you want.

I actually don't have an iPhone. Not sure I want one either. iPhones steal people away from the moment. - Cal

That's just silly. I have an iPhone and I never...whoa! New tweets from my peeps! -- Nathan