smart start-ups by David Silver

It seems like Silver wrote first half of this book on vacation, taking his time. And then he realized that he only had like 3 days left to get it back to the editor, so he wrote the last half of the book on nodoze, coffee, and no sleep.

I got suckered in because he mentioned Robert Cialdini and Social Networks. He doesn't actually do any of this stuff.

Seeing the apple-filled carts pass in front of their houses, avaricious landowners in the seventeenth century put pikes on roads that ran in front of their homes, and charged tolls to loaded wagons who sought to pass by. Hence, the word turnpike to designate a toll road, because farmers had to pay a toll in order for the landowner to "turn the pike".
You have probably seen roads named "Shun Pike" which were cut through forests by the farmers who sough to carry their apples and corn to markets without having to pay to turn the pike.
page 73
Once upon a time there was a bird that lived in Chicago. Tach fall as teh weather tuned colder and colder, the bird would fly South for the winter. But this particular windter, he decided that he wa not going to fly South, but save his energy and stick it out in Chicago. So, he wat in his tree as the leaveds fell off , the winds began to howl, and the snow began to fall. He wrapped his wings tightly around his body, determined not to fly South. But when it got extremely cold, the bird couldn't take it any longer. So, he lifted off and started to fly South, but the ice on his wings was too heavy and he crashed towards Earth.
"I'm going to die. I'm going to die!" he screamed. But rather than die, he landed on a warm cow pattie and was saved.
"I'm hungry", said the bird. "I'll just eat some of the (worms) in this cow patty", which he did, and with a full stomach, he began to sing at the top of his lungs about how smart he was.
A wolf heard the little bird singing, and came over and ate him.
page 96