Today's yielded a larger than normal crop of bad quotes:

The music industry should shift the focus of its battle with internet piracy towards the technological industries which have "built multibillion dollar industries on the back of our content without paying for it", says Paul McGuinness, manager of rock group U2.
-- FT U2 manager urges ISPs to help fight web piracy
Right. ISPs built out a huge amount of infrastructure in the early 90's just to wait for Napster and Torrents.

President George W. Bush struck an optimistic tone on progress in Iraq and the long-term outlook for the US economy as he delivered his final State of the Union address before leaving office next year
-- FT
It can't be much fun to review what you've accomplished over the previous 7 years....

The European Centres for Disease Control has discovered a mutation associated with high levels of resistance to the influenza antiviral medicine marketed by Roche
-- FT
Nuts. It was bound to happen, but still....

China suffered its worst power crisis in years when a scarcity of fuel and large snowfalls left hundreds of thousands stranded as they tried to travel for the lunar new year holiday
-- FT
Juggling the performance pressure of the Olympics and the needs of the people may be too much....