Wednesday 2010-08-25
I told him about how whole mornings disappeared that way. I pictured a guy looking for his keys so he could get his day started, but he searched by lifting up every item he owned to look under it. Not under the rug. Not under the fridge. Not under the laundry, or the paperclip on my desk. Not under the silverware tray in the top drawer on the left in the kitchen. Maybe I should check the rug again?
-- Frank Chimero

Morning rituals seem retardly important. Over the last week, I've taken to grabbing a Red Bull and walking to work early. When I was in Salzburg, it was matins at the Stiftskirche Nonntaler followed by Semmeln und Kaffee. Back in PA, it was a cold can of Mountain Dew.

Less charitably, I think to myself that it's not the ritual, stupid; it's the caffeine. ;)