tedx mit club singapore

  1. Of the four talks by humans, three were sales pitches = massive fail. I fear that Fabian Lua has "different" ideas about TED.
  2. Good pacing of talks ( they learned from TEDxSentosa )
  3. Limited space means one needs to plan for how people will move throughout the space = crowded dinner line which emptied into a comfortless hall.
  4. They took advantage of most of the facilities (don't off all lights during a talk, some people take paper notes).

They also took care to get a good mix of people into the crowd. However, nothing kills an intellectual night out like lumpy sales talks. It seems like the only people who speak out in SG = (foreigners, sales people, crazies).

No wonder the locals look at foreigners oddly. ;)

On an up note, I met some cool people there, and Adrian Yap's talk on relentlessly challenging oneself made up for the poor showing of the other talks. Even better, during the talks, I was thinking about how we apply craft to hacking. What happens when we apply the notion of a practitioner to our brains?

We don't really have mentors (at least that I know of) that can show us the art of keeping our brains tidy and rational. When someone says 'to practice thinking', we have vague notions where we should have memories as defined as those of any lessons we've had. And worst of all, do we see ourselves getting better? Where's the feedback? Our paycheck?

Not an available condition
-- Ken Robinson on ADHD-trait kids before the 70's
Extremely sustainable
-- Yee Tong on his companies