Just met a retiree named Victor from Taiwan, we talked about travelling around asia. He's originally from Taiwan and had the following things to say:

Indonesian trains; he took a local train first-class once, each row has bench seats that seat 3, but they sell 5 tickets per bench. If you get up, you can't sit back down. (laughs.)
Visiting Malaysia; Penang has a 100 year old printing press for a local Chinese paper, the rest of Malaysia is foreigners and green plants.
Jimen Xiamen villages diaspora; Over a 100 years ago, the land was very poor in Jimen / Xiamen (Southeast China), so entire villages (!) left for disparate locations, Singapore, San Francisco, Australia, all over.
Temporary chinese passports; Chinese (appearance) can get short-term Chinese passports in Northern China for travel to Mongolia / CIS. You leave your passport with them, pay a small fee, and they give you a fake (illicit) Chinese passport which costs less than the US$100 visa for other foreigners.
Bread in Taiwan; the bread is getting very good; they go to Europe, Germany, bring the skill back. Better than bread here in Singapore or rest of Asia.
Other food in Taiwan; When next you go to Taiwan, get the Niu Rou Mian (Beef Noodle) and the Hai Nan Ji Fan (Chicken a la Hainan Island).