I rss google's corporate blog and they just mentioned that they had posted the videos of 8 presentations of this year's TED talks. Ranked (top = worst):
  1. I skipped Majora Carter's ill-presented talk (watch it first, because she needs practice talking in front of an audience like TED)
  2. I skipped through Julia Sweeney's qvetchfest
  3. Al Gore's environment talk pimped his movie
  4. I watched Ted Pogue's piano antics praising simplicity
  5. Tony Robbins's speech on Marcus Aurelius's ideas (lite fun content)
  6. Joshua Prince-Ramus's library architecture ideas just made way too much sense,
  7. and Ken Robinson's anecdotally good talk on creativity and education
  8. But The Talk was Hans Rosling's amazing geek fun
On a side note, there are other TED videos online, they just were either too dumb or too controversial to be profiled on google video.