I almost ran into a camel. There was also a sheep that I almost hit, but that would be common. The Bactrian Camel on Route 22A, on the other hand, was not.

Parker, Mike, Olivia, and I got together Friday night to hang out in Burlington after Parker's 10-year HS reunion. After wandering around from The Pub (the only quiet drinkery on Church ST) to Parima's to pickup one semi-drunk Parker, we met up with Rob (a law student who used to be a squatterpunk) and talked law + economics for a loooooong bit, as when I last read on law + econ, Posner was the tops, and now apparently behavioral econ is having an impact, too. Parker wasn't too crajy after all this, but I drove him home, and headed off to meet my Camel.

Vermont roads at 3am have lonely timber truckers, bad lighting, and can drop away into abyssy mini-valleys. The late-night talk show in my head was commenting on the weird optics, when I swerved around a Camel. Of course, the late-night talk show started debating whether it was a Camel or a Dromedary (B has two humps, D has one hump). The bad part about this is that I know that the next timber trucker on 22A is going to explode a Camel, so I turn around and use my lights and horn to corral the Camel and its attendant sheep back into their farm road. Leaning on the horn, I wait until a light in the farmhouse turns on.

Thanksgiving was fun, talked about NCLB and TheIncredibles with Mike, Barb, and Kate Marvin, and tried to convince my dad to re-evaluate his portfolio. He has some "untouchable" stock holdings, which need to not be "untouchable". Add that and some apple pie, and it was amazing. ;)