The Authority

Comic books weren't part and parcel of my formative years on this planet. But, they seem to have been for at least a bunch of my friends, and so I get a distillation of their interests filtered by their adult intelligences.

As a glam alternative-history graphic novel, shocks abound: Total war between parallel universes and upstart dictators; a modern supercouple; and an un-team of heroes. The worst part is the un-team, the others are violently tawdry, but the un-team goes running about following a point-and-shout leader who never pulls the team together, it's just always without-reason together. I kept expecting the narrative perpsective to shift to one of other un-team members, who'd start the Dilbert version. Graphic violence with superhuman cubicle wit.

Yeah, so that didn't happen. It seems like EndersGame and MakersOfModernStrategy have made it difficult to look at a conflict situation without trying to optimize for victory.