Wednesday 2014-03-12

The Definitive Personal Assistant and Secretarial Handbook by Sue France

Over the weekend, our local futurist meetup discussed Artificial General Intelligence. Much armchair philosophizing ensued because we have no clue as to what concrete steps we need to take in order to create an AGI.

Of course, we already have AGIs, they're just in human form.

‘Many years ago I remember hearing a manager advising his new trainee that his most important piece of office equipment was his secretary. “If you take care of her she will take care of you for many years – outlasting current technology, the font of all knowledge, upgrading automatically and being the best damn thing to happen to you in your working life.”
-- Conclusion

So what rules are needed in order to enable succinct communication? While we can update rules with experience, we want to be productive today.

  1. Promises must be kept
  2. Recap meeting every day
  3. We both must keep journals
  4. Define escalation mgmt / hours
  5. Others?

The key to a successful working relationship, is communi- cation, empathy, communication, empowerment, communication, motivation and of course communication.
-- A Chapter to Share with your Boss
‘I have been through some really terrible stressful things in my life... some of which actually happened.’
-- Mark Twain