After having a SGD 3.00 bowl of laksa last night, I walked home, and when I turned the corner to my home street, two restaurant vans had blocked off part of the street in front of my place and were in the process of roasting a suckling pig over a fire pit they they had built over the gutter. Many people just relaxing, I asked what was going on, and I got back "a meeting".

Since most everyone looked ethnic Chinese, I asked again in Mandarin. Apparently, the place I'm staying and several other businesses are all owned by the same group of businessmen and this was their monthly review. They hire in a (related?) restaurant to cater the event, and the restaurant staff prepare a boatload of food, the less choice portions of it are shared among the workers in the various businesses.

Many hours of conversation followed about global history over taro root soup and coffee...

relevant vocab:
tun2 = suckling pig
yu2 tou2 = taro
gui1 = turtle