Tuesday 2012-01-03

What did I do in 2011? According to my PlanHack logs, I:

  1. pushed out PlanHack versions v5 through v11
  2. wrote NoWindowManager to maximize resources on a linux netbook
  3. hacked up BookMap to visualize books read / find new books
  4. rewrote this blog from perl into a StaticEverything javascipt app
  5. added IPv6 to home and this server because IPv4IsaSlum
  6. setup the wireless rollout at SuperHappyDevHouseSingapore
  7. wrote BoringHallerWs to add some diversity to the world's news feeds
That's all the non-finance stuff; I'll post a finance-only recap for the year in a separate write-up.

FYI, To help you roll out your own review, PlanHack v12 supports a historical review command, e.g. 'calendar 2011-01-01 2011-12-31' in command mode.