Tektonic.net handles the colocation of the server for this blog. I have used their service for about 4 months now, and things have been pretty stable. The only big problem was today where all my local nameservers started replying "record does not exist" to my DNS queries.

To figure out how bad things were, I ran:

r2e list | grep -Eo '[^/]+' | grep -E '(com|net|org)$' | sort | uniq | xargs -i host {}
and promptly got back only the blogspot blogs. Since I doubted that the Internet was only working for Google, I checked against Tektonic's other DNS servers. No dice, same problem.

Since I use DJB's tinydns to handle DNS requests for haller.ws on this server, I setup a local recursing cache in under 3 minutes. It took me ~5 minutes from discovering the problem to fixing it and having happy access to a recursing DNS server. Such is the power of usably documented software and Google....