has mostly useful tips on how to do things from people who have to deal with the problem every day. Normally, I like the content as it seems useful. Unfortunately, a "typical American" wrote a culturally-oriented tip today:

It's nearly impossible to find cold wine or beer in the stores of Europe. So when you go to the supermarket, select your alcoholic beverages, put them in the store's freezer, gather your other items, and collect your nicely chilled grog on the way to checkout.

So, in Germany, don't do this with your beer. Or at least try every beer room-temperature once. I mean, some observations:

  1. Germans might drink room-temperature beer for a reason.
  2. Germany has the Reinheitsgebot ("Purity Law") that makes it illegal to make beer from bad ingredients.
  3. If they care about beer enough to enact laws, ....