Friday 2018-01-26

Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules are making their way around memespace, and of course they can be improved. While Tyler Cowen's 12 Rules comes closer to what seems advisable, taking a top-down structured approach seems better; though arguably contravening the internal nature of the meme.

The Rules are:

Test all rules -- Simple rules can lead to enlightenment, c.f. religion, twitter, etc. That said, they can also run amok, c.f. religion, twitter, etc. Best to master them, and then use sparingly.

Timing -- Time is the greatest weapon available. Learn when it is being used against you, learn how to make time, and learn how to use it well in every situation.

Reading -- Good timing requires an understanding of the alternatives at hand, and their consequences. Reading people and situations will lighten your time load, and reading history will lead to great enlightenment.

Writing -- Memory is fallible. Writing will help your future self remember, while forcing your current self to consider and reflect.

Be at Peace -- You can not know Peace without mastering War in all its forms.