The Unwritten Laws of Engineering by James G. Skakoon

This short book has good advice for anyone working. It however omits the most important law, which is:

Keep a journal for yourself.

Anything out of the ordinary needs to be logged.1 At first, it will feel like being crucified by the amount of writing required, however soon the journal will start paying dividends as a) errors are caught earlier, and b) the intellectual honesty required becomes a habit and an impetus to understand how the company works together to solve problems.

This self-reflection and improvement will result in efforts noticed and an assured upward trajectory.

Quotes from the book:

In general you will get no credit or thanks for doing the other person's job at the expense of your own. But it frequently happens that, if you can put your own house in order first, an understanding of and an active interest in the affairs of others will lead to promotion to a position of greater responsibility. More than a few employees have been moved up primarily because of a demonstrated capacity for helping to take care of other people's business as well as their own