Sunday 2015-01-11

"Von Neumann had one piece of advice for us: not to originate anything." This helped put the IAS project in the lead. "One of the reasons our group was successful, and got a big jump on others, was that we set up certain limited objectives, namely that we would not produce any new elementary components," adds Bigelow.

"We would try and use the ones which were available for standard communications purposes. We chose vacuum tubes which were in mass production, and very common types, so that we could hope to get reliable components, and not have to go into component research."

-- Turing's Cathedral

Last July, I got a macbook air, and it spent 5 months little used because getting arch linux configured so it would sleep and resume correctly was a pain, so I kept putting it off. While mba_6x fixed that particular problem, I had another.

We should be able to go from received to running within 30 minutes.

A bare minimum osx setup would look like:

  1. Seil for mapping capslock to escape
  2. X11
  3. Homebrew