I spent the week eating a bunch of indian and chinese food. Problems cropped up when friends would want to drop by fast food places like mcdonalds or mos burger or pepper steak, which means that you're eating dessert now (ice cream) and getting actual food later.

Aside from the time-shifting, one part of my brain complained about not getting enough protein, so I ate less rice and more non-rice-based noodles. The alarm wouldn't quiesce, so I ignored it. Not sure whether my body actually had a shortage, or just that the new food mix had thrown it for a loop. Monitoring fail....

Although, there's probably a japanese toilet that tells you whether you have enough protein in your diet.

It's normal to feel like you aren't getting enough protein at first. Especially if you're used to eating meat on a regular basis. Over the past year or so, as we've been eating less and less meat (we've been acclimating to the Orthodox Church fasting rule), we've found we miss it less and less. Initially, my wife was going crazy about it -- she felt like no meat for a prolonged period was just unhealthy. But after a few months, we're notice the meat more when we eat it rather than when we don't.

Yeah, that sucks. Having better diet/system monitorability would make this a lot easier... -- Patrick