Weapons of Mass Migration by KM Greenhill

Greenhill catalogs the use of forced displacement of peoples as coercive foreign policy.

It's hard to read this book without thinking of Yglesias' "One Billion Americans". When Deng XiaoPing threatened to ship 30 million Chinese to the US, Carter should have been able to say, "Why not make it an even 100 million?"

Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton all were beat up by Castro because unlike Eisenhower, they weren't willing to a) take the political fallout risk, b) tangle with immigration / INS, and c) devote the resources needed to organize it. Since it has happened at least twice, you know some poor analyst somewhere has spent a bunch of days mapping out adaptable response plans (assume 50% are diseased, 50% are criminal, processing workflows that someone in Florida can handle, etc.).

It is exceedingly painful to watch Washington continually fumble these plans due to "political considerations". If you want to be a statesman, there have to be hills that you are willing to die on. Especially if Emma Lazarus' words on Lady Liberty mean anything to you.