Data Paranoia

1. What are the Threats?

When a state-level actor like the United States has taken an interest in everything we do, we need to consider "What's our attack surface?"

Data-driven Discrimation

Guaranteed Arrests

We're all likely to have broken some laws; the most severe will be used against us.

Theft / Disclosure

It's difficult to keep compartmentalized what wants to be free.

Identity SPoF

We can't backup and restore any of our identities. Just ask any victim of identity theft.

2. What To Do?

Be Admirable

Your primary identity (the one on your gov't id) should be someone everyone respects.

Don't Contaminate

Don't say or do anything that would burn your primary identity, or anyone else's.

Replace Email Ad Hoc

Keep using what you use today, and use other technology as you need to.

Use Cash

Credit cards yield way more predictive information than you can imagine.

Use Wifi

Crowds are good.

Use Tails

Keeping everything clean is good.

Use Your Head

Be smart and alert. Just talk to anyone who lived through the 1998 riots, and entertain the notion that the next time around, the violence may be data-driven.