I've been looking to purchase a new car recently. Unfortunately, there are so many makes and models to choose from. So, like any other time I have a choice, I ask myself "What Would Jesus Do?"

I know that Jesus drove the money-changers out of the temple, and even drove a donkey into Jerusalem. But what if they had engines back in the time of Christ? Instead of a donkey, would He have driven a Camaro into Jerusalem? Maybe the Jews who were upset by His teachings wouldn't have been so upset if they saw Him in such a bitchin' car.

And when He went into the desert to confront Satan, wandering for forty days, I wonder if He would have driven a Ford Expedition? I bet He would have really kicked Satan's butt, if He showed up all fresh and relaxed with His cool air-conditioned SUV backing Him up.

And I bet Jesus would have liked to have had a pickup truck the day He had to carry that cross all the way across town. Or, maybe He would have driven a semi, so that He could've carried all our crosses, too, and not just His own.

I think that's a pretty good question, "What Would Jesus Drive?"